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In 2016, Tsinghua University established the Department of Earth System Science (DESS) on the basis of the Center for Earth System Science(established in 2009), to reconstruct the earth science research at Tsinghua University and conduct multidisciplinary research on global change. Department of Earth System Science has a group of talented people in the disciplines of physical climate systems, biogeochemistry, earth system observations, high performance computing, and global change economics. Currently the department has nearly 30 faculty members and more than 200 graduate students.

·Focusing on scientific research in the following areas: Earth system processes, Earth system models, Earth system observations, global change economics, and global change and human health.
·Aiming to develop atmospheric science, ecological science, marine science and computational earth science.
·Has the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for Earth System Modeling.

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Research direction:   Ecology, Atmospheric Science



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