Pre-application of summer camp for excellent college students in 2020, Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University


      The Department of Earth System Science (DESS) of Tsinghua University plans to hold a national summer camp for outstanding college students in early July 2020 (Note: affected by the epidemic, the specific organization will be notified separately). The purpose of the summer camp is to enhance the understanding of the outstanding undergraduates in domestic universities in the field of earth system science and global change research, the knowledge of geosciences at Tsinghua University, and strengthen communication with the DESS. Students who intend to participate in the summer camp, please complete the pre-application according to the requirements.

      During the summer camp, the campers will communicate with professors of the DESS, and promote mutual understanding between teachers and students through lectures, interactive discussions, etc., and experience the international teaching and research atmosphere of DESS. Outstanding campers will enjoy the following policies: If you obtain the 2020 qualifications for recommendation for postgraduate study in your institution and meet the relevant requirements of our school to receive the recommendation for being excused from an examination to carry on postgraduate study, and apply for the first application of the recommended test-free application for our department, the material review will be directly shortlisted for re-examination, and priority is given to admission under the same conditions. This summer camp only enrolls students pursuing a doctorate degree.

      1.The applicant should be a third-year undergraduate majoring in atmospheric science, ecology (including botany, soil chemistry), marine science, computer science, geography, environmental science, economics, mathematics, physics or related majors (graduated in 2021).
      2. Excellent academic performance, ranking within the top 10% of the major in the first three years of undergraduate study (or the first five semesters); Or applicants who are not in the top 10% but have done well in other areas - such as a second degree in economics with excellent results and outstanding research - may apply.
      3. Have a strong interest in geosciences, and have a strong or potential ability in the research and application of atmospheric, oceanic, ecological, computational geosciences, geography and other disciplines.
      4. Good command of English.

II.The application materials
      1. Application form: see annex i. Attached is the certificate of professional ranking. Applicants can only apply for one major, at the same time who apply for more than two majors, materials will not be accepted. The candidate's major fields include: atmospheric science and ecology.
       2. Information collection form: see annex ii.
       3. Undergraduate transcript (official seal is not required); Double degree students attach two transcripts at the same time.
       4. Other certification materials. Include:
      (1) paper, publications or other original work. It can be papers of mainstream academic journals, important academic conference papers, academic monographs, invention patents, numerical models or models, supporting software, data sets (libraries) and other forms of materials. If a paper has been published, please provide the original text from the publication (PDF format); If the paper has not been published, you can provide word version of the full text;

      (2) awards or certificates related to geology;
      (3) copies of various English test transcripts, etc.

      Evidence should be as brief as possible.

III.Download and submit the application materials
      To download relevant material from the admissions section of department website (, please fill out and scan the application form (appendix i), transcripts, certificates and other materials to PDF file. File name edited as " Name XX -- undergraduate school XX -- major direction XX (doctor)", with information collection table (excel version) together and sent them to the email:, email title with the name of the file. The applicant should provide the application materials truthfully, and the pre-application materials should be consistent with the paper materials submitted in the formal application.

IV.Application schedule
      Pre-application: from now on to May 20, please sent the electronic materials of pre-application to the E-mail:

V.Other considerations
      All materials submitted by participants shall be authentic and reliable. If there is any discrepancy with the actual situation, the qualification of participating in the camp and excellent campers will be cancelled.        

           Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University
                                            April 20, 2002

Attachment: introduction to the Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University

      The Department of Earth System Science (DESS) of Tsinghua University aims to restore the discipline of geoscience and carry out interdisciplinary research on global change issues. The Department of Earth System Science is a teaching and research department of Tsinghua University, with 28 faculty members (12 professors, 14 associate professors, 2 assistant professors, including 2 American and 1 British). The Department of Earth System Science focuses on the development of talents and scientific research in the five fields of Earth System Process, Earth System Model, Earth System Observation, Global Change Economics, Global Change and Human Health, with Earth System Science and Global Change as the core Science, ecological science, marine science and computational earth science. At present, there are more than 160 graduate students.