Faulty of Department of Earth System Science participated in the forty-fourth session Faculty Games


On the afternoon of May 18th, the forty-fourth Faculty Games of Tsinghua University was held at the East Playground. 22 teachers from the Department of Earth System Science participated in the opening ceremony and the track and field projects.

Department of Earth System Sciences, deputy secretary of the party branch Wu Haiping led admission

In the opening ceremony, the teacher team walked neatly and powerful with the high spirits athletes march. In the school broadcast gymnastics performances, teachers performed standard from stretching to finishing movement.

Lined up to participate in the school broadcast gymnastics performances

This year some teachers are also actively involved in the track and field competition, there are 3,000 meters long run, 100 meters sprint and throw solid ball, rope skipping, shuttlecock and other projects. Everyone in the game carried forward the "unity, hard work" spirit, to "faster, higher, stronger" goal.

Postdoctoral Li Rui Zhe participated in the sprint project competition

Staff Liu Xiaoting participate in solid ball game

Staff Ding Yujie participate in solid ball game

Staff Chen Yan participate in solid ball game

Postdoctoral Ning Like attended the long run

The group photo of the faculty

Teachers are actively involved in sports every year, shouldering the historical mission of the restoration of our school's Earth System Science, and constantly enhance the cohesion and centripetal force, in order to promote teaching and research work better.