Professor Fu Haohuan won the "Science Chinese (2016) annual figures" award


June 23, the national publication "Science Chinese" magazine hosted the "Science Chinese (2016) annual figures" award ceremony held in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Associate Professor, Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University, Fu Haohuan, deputy director of the National Supercomputing Wuxi Center, has been appraised as the "2016 Person of the Year" by expert evaluation and review by experts in the field of high performance computing.

Award certificate

Professor Fu Haohuan mainly carry out the research work around the "Shenwei Taihu Lake Light" super computing platform. He presided over and designed the reconstruction and optimization work of Tsinghua's new generation of Universal Integrated Earth System model in the "Shenwei Taihu Lake Light" supercomputer, the total code is more than one million lines. The work is the world's first completion of the Earth system model as a whole for the reconstruction of heterogeneous architecture and transplantation, effective computing scale can be extended to millions of core. The millions of core expansion of atmospheric non-hydrodynamic solver based on the "Sunway Taihu Lake Light" was award the "Gordon Bell" award as the common communication author, which is the highest award in high-performance computing applications. The award has achieved a breakthrough in the Chinese research team over the past 30 years. At the 27th Session of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI 2015), Fu Haohuan et al., Entitled "Towards Variation: A New Differential Evolutionary Variation Operator" won the Best Paper Award. The paper is the only one in the award-winning paper from Chinese research institutions. In 2016, Fu Haohuan associate professor also received "Tsinghua University - Inspur Group Computing Earth Science Youth Talent Award" and other honors.

Awards scene

"Science Chinese annual figures" award began in 2002, has been successfully held for 13 consecutive times. Each year, experts and scholars from all over the country are recommended as candidates for the annual figures, and the final winners are selected to encourage the academic researchers in various fields to innovate and promote the scientific development in various fields. For more than a decade, the award has always adhered to strict selection criteria, resulting in a good response in science and education. Yuan Longping, Yang Zhenning, Gu Binglin, Tu Yo Yo, Pan Jianwei, Wang Xiaomu, Zeng Qingcun, Shi Yigong, Deng Zhonghan, Li Yanhong and many other well-known scientists and entrepreneurs were honored.