Reform and Innovation of the Course "Introduction to Climate Change Science" - Final Examination and Debate


On the morning of June 15th, the final exam and the debate of the graduate course "Introduction to Climate Change Science" was held in 405 classrooms, Wei Lun House, Tsinghua University. The 17 students of the course were divided into A and B groups for two debates. Group A's debate is that climate change should be mitigated (adapted), and Group B's debate is that the international climate governance system should be more efficient (equitable). The jury of the debate is composed of Professor Luo Yong, deputy director of the Department of Earth Sciences, Department of Earth Sciences, Tsinghua University, Wu Shaohong, researcher of the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Gao Yun, deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology and Climate Change, China Meteorological Administration. The debate is very intense, both sides launched a fierce competition, but without losing grace, the final judges and comments let the students benefit a lot.
Group A

Nowadays, the global climate is undergoing a significant change characterized by global warming which have a profound impact on human survival and development, constitute a common and huge challenge for the international community. The international scientific community continues to deepen our understanding on climate change and its interaction with human activities, and provide the scientific and decision-making basis to address the climate change. The "Introduction to Climate Change Science" course is a graduate elective course at the Spring School semester of Tsinghua University in the spring of 2017. The course is designed according to the three-in-one model of "value creation, ability training, knowledge transfer". The course covers the facts, impacts and adaptation of climate change, the international system to address climate change, climate change mitigation, climate change economics and climate ethics. The team of the lecturers of the course is composed of nearly 20 long-term experts in the scientific research of climate change led by Academician Qin Dahe.

Group B

The final examinations in the form of debates are an important innovation in the teaching reform of this course, which not only can motivate students to learn more, but also enable students to have a deeper understanding of the scientific issues related to climate change. The final exams and debates are not only a comprehensive report on the students 'learning outcomes, but also a comprehensive improvement of students' cognitive ability, logical thinking ability and language skills. The debate is an effective way for students to learn quickly and efficiently in class, which is a successful exploration of graduate teaching reform.

Prof Gao Yun

Prof Wu Shaohong

Prof. Yong Luo

President Zhang Jiansong
Ying Yifu

Lin Nan