Department of Earth System Science jointly organized the "Frozen Circle Science" young teachers training courses


"Introduction to the frozen circle science" young teachers training courses was held in July 29 to 31 in Lanzhou, Gansu. The training course was jointly organized by the Tsinghua University,  Chinese Academy of Sciences the National Science Laboratory of the frozen circle of science contractors and other units.

Training courses was taught by Qin Dahe academician, Professor Luo Yong, Ding Yongjian researcher, Ren Jiawen researcher, Zhao Lin researcher, Xiao Cunde researcher, Kang Shichang researcher and other well-known experts and scholars. More than 100 participants from 20 domestic institutions of university and research institutes participated in the training. The teaching team adopts the new teaching mode, and takes the "Science of the frozen circle science" as the teaching material, and constructs the exploration practice and the teaching system of the frozen circle scientific system closely. The course comprehensively teaches the connotation and extension of the frozen circle science, the research methods and techniques, and introduces the classification, geographical distribution, physical characteristics, chemical characteristics, formation and development mechanism of the frozen circles. As well as the evolution of cryosphere, climate and environment records, interaction with other layers and simulation of frozen circles, estimates, sustainable development and so on.

Since the frozen circle science is the study of the formation and change of the elements of the cryosphere and the inherent mechanism of the interaction between the cryosphere and the other layers of the climate system and the influence and adaptation of the cryosphere, the Cross-discipline is very strong and the disciplines has been developed rapidly. At present, the cultivation of talents seriously lags behind the development of disciplines, and the concept, connotation and basic knowledge of frozen circle science are generally lacking. The organization of the training class, can effectively speed up the training of young talents, and promote the further development of China's frozen circle of scientific undertakings.