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Department of Earth System Science 2017 Graduation Ceremony was Held


On the morning of June 30, the graduation ceremony of the Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University was held in the M-level lecture hall of Mengminwei Science and Technology Building. Kamrios Akanbong, Chief Executive Officer of the Republic of Ghana, Felix Eddie Arthur, First Secretary of the Republic of Ghana, Lin Chengtao, Director of the Career Development Center of Tsinghua University, Gong Peng, Director of the Department of Geography, Luo Yong, secretary of the Party branch, Wu Haiping deputy director, Zhang Qiang, deputy director and other faculty leaders, mentor representatives, all graduates of 2017 session and some graduates relatives attended the ceremony, secretary of the party branch Prof. Luo Yong presided the ceremony.

secretary of the party branch Prof. Luo Yong presided the ceremony

Prof. Zhang Q, Deputy director announced the list of graduates

Before the ceremony began, the news center students carefully produced a graduate career short film, reviewed the growth of graduates this year. Professor Luo Yong then announced the ceremony officially began, the national anthem sounded, all teachers and students stand up and sing the national anthem. Then, Professor Zhang Qiang, Deputy Director of the Department, read out 2017 graduates and outstanding graduates. Graduate Student Lv Baolei was awarded 2016-2017 year "Tsinghua University outstanding doctoral graduate", Wang Wei was awarded 2017 "Tsinghua University graduate sailing award silver", Wang Yan was awarded 2017 "Tsinghua University graduate Award-winning bronze medal ".

Dr. Lv Bailei made a speech

Lv Bailei, as a doctoral representative, expressed his graduation speech. He expressed gratitude to the teachers and students that helped him in these five years, and thanks to the Department of Earth System Science to give valuable platform and rare opportunities. He told everyone we can "hard work to strengthen the state, having the dream of hold the sword to break through the horizon", hope graduates can have the courage to forge ahead, create greater glories.

Dr. Kwame Harkeman made a speech

Kwame Harkeman as Tsinghua University's first Ghana doctoral graduates also expressed his gratitude to Tsinghua. In 2012, Huckerman was awarded the "Chinese Government Scholarship" to travel to China and study for his Ph.D. in Ecology. During these years, he studied the relationship between surface biological diversity and surface cover in Ghana through remote sensing, based on Professor Gong Peng's research on "land surface biological diversity mapping based on land use grading". With the support of Tsinghua University, he collected more than 1,500 first-hand ground photo data from Ghana in half a year to verify remote sensing mapping and published five high-level papers in international journals. As a result of the outstanding performance, 2015 Hackman was elected as the United Nations Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Intergovernmental Platform (IPBES) Ghana representative as a Tsinghua University's doctoral student. "Science is very important for the future of Africa and can provide decision support for the government, and the cutting edge studies of many universities in Africa is now very small and the resources are very few." Huckerman said he would respond to the call of "one belt, one way", return to Ghana to teach and educate people, ten years of trees, a hundred years of trees, with the effectiveness of the motherland, and strive to promote the development of China-Africa friendship.

Speech by the Chief Executive Officer of the Republic of Ghana, Maharas Aken

Kamrios Akanbong, Chief Executive Officer of the Republic of Ghana also delivered a speech at the ceremony. On behalf of the Republic of Ghana, he thanked the Department of Earth System Science of Tsinghua University for training a highly educated talent for Ghana and hoped that Tsinghua University and Ghana would establish a long-term Cooperation, for the two countries to set up a bridge in the future construction of disciplines and exchange of talent training.

Associate Professor Lu Hui

Prof. Lu Hui said that every graduate students are unique, he hope the students can continue to give full play to their strengths, to dream for the horse, live up to life. But also requires each student to always feel grateful, shoulder the responsibility, brave face new challenges.

Professor Wang Peng, Director of the Department of Earth System Science

Degree Awarding Ceremony

Professor Gong Peng, director of the Department of Earth Sciences expressed fully affirmed to 2017 graduates of the outstanding achievements, and asked everyone "Life without experience and frustration is no color". He hoped everyone to have the wisdom of choice and the courage to explore, Rely on their own choice to "determine the future of life!". In the degree grant, Professor Gong Peng spike for the 2017 graduates one by one , awarded a degree certificate, and posed for pictures in the applause and cheers.

Dr. Chen Han made speech

The graduation ceremony in 2017 was the first graduation ceremony since the Department of Earth System Science established. The ceremony played a touching and warm video, to encourage the students who are about to go to all over the country to practice their own Tsinghua dream. The graduates and their parents be interviewed expressed their gratitude and gratitude to Tsinghua. The laughter brought the atmosphere to the climax again and again.

Finally, accompanied by melodious school song, Tsinghua University Department of Earth System Sciences 2017 graduation ceremony ended.