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CESS Ph.D candidate Lv Baolei published a paper on Science of the Total Environment


Recently, DESS Ph.D candidate Lv Baolei published a paper online as the first author called” Daily estimation of ground-level PM2.5 concentrations at 4 km resolution over Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei by fusing MODIS AOD and ground observations” on Science of the Total Environment, with Associate Professor Yuqi Bai, Professor Bing Xu and Professor Armistead G. Russell in Georgia Institute of Technology as the Corresponding author. The paper estimated ground-level PM2.5 concentrations at a resolution of 4 km with improved accuracy by fusing fine-scale satellite and ground observations in the populated and polluted Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei (BTH) area of China 2014.
The BTH area is the top ranked area of severe air pollution in China even the world, especially the especially fine particulate matter PM2.5 pollution. At present, the ground air quality monitoring sites are mainly distributed in the city, space coverage is limited. Satellite data, although with continuous observation of the ability, but in the case of high pollution, data loss is more serious. This paper puts forward the AOD complement and downscaling fusion method, and synthesizes the satellite data and ground data to obtain 4 days of ground pollutant data products.

The technique used in the paper
Such products are of great significance for fully understanding the air pollution process, accurately assessing the health effects of air pollution and assisting in the implementation of emission reduction measures. In the aspect of statistical method, this study makes a detailed discussion on the method of statistical model verification, and puts forward the concept of verification interval of model test. And then use two kinds of time and space constraints of different assessment methods, so that the model of the actual application environment is located between the two verification conditions, which gives the scope of the model effect, rather than a single value. Based on the simulation results, the actual results of the model are evaluated objectively.

The results of daily PM2.5 concentration data on the simulation process of a heavy pollution process
Lv Baolei has carried out the analysis of temporal and spatial distribution characteristics of air pollutants in China, data fusion, concentration simulation and change forecasting and other aspects of the work. He has published seven SCI papers in Atmospheric Environment, Environmental Science & Technology, Science of the Total Environment and other magazines.
Science of the Total Environment is the authoritative magazine in the field of the environment, according to Thomson Reuters's 2015 reference report, its impact factor is 3.98 in 2015, the five-year impact factor is 4.32.