Yuan Xu




Education Background

PhD candidate, Water Resources department (ITC)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution                                                                             
Visitor 03/2018-06/2018

Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology                   09/2010-06/2013
Master of Science, Meteorology

Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology                    09/2006-06/2010        
Bachelor of Science, Atmospheric Science


Work Experience

Research Interests

Air-sea interaction; Monsoon precipitation; The variability of sea surface salinity in the Indian Ocean

Awards & Honors

Selected Publications

[1] Yuan, X., Ummenhofer C. C., Seo H., Su Z., Relative contributions of heat flux and wind stress on the spatiotemporal upper-ocean variability in the tropic Indian Ocean. Environment Research Letters. Under Review.
[2] Yuan, X. and Su, Z.: The seasonal and interannual variabilities of the barrier layer thickness in the tropical Indian Ocean, Ocean Sci. Discuss.,, under review, 2019.
[3] Yuan, X., M. Salama, and Z. Su, 2018: An Observational Perspective of Sea Surface Salinity in the Southwestern Indian Ocean and Its Role in the South Asia Summer Monsoon. Remote Sensing, 10, 1930.
[4] Xu, M., Kang, S., Wu, H. and Yuan, X. (2018) Detection of spatio-temporal var-iability of air temperature and precipitation based on long-term meteorologi-cal station observations over Tianshan Mountains, Central Asia.AtmosphericResearch, 203(12), 141–163.
[5] YUAN Xu, LIU Xuanfei. 2013. Onset-withdrawal dates of autumn persistent rains over western China and the associated autumn to winter evolution of the atmospheric circulation[J]. Acta Meteorologica Sinica, 71(5): 913-924.
[6] LIU Xuanfei, YUAN Xu. 2013. Two stages of spring persistent rains over southeastern China and the nature of precipitations. Journal of Tropical Meteorology, P461.