Lin Lin





Education Background

09/2004-07/2008   Bachelor of Science in Ecology   Northeast Normal University (NNU)
09/2009-07/2012   Master of Science in Physical Geography Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
09/2012-07/2018   PhD in Ecology    Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Work Experience

2018.10-now,Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University,Postdoctor

Research Interests

Remote sensing and Artificial intelligence(AI),Earth system model

Awards & Honors

Selected Publications

1. Lin, L., Yan, J., Ma, K., Zhou, W., Chen, G., Tang, R., Zhang, Y., 2017. Characterization of particulate matter deposited on urban tree foliage: A landscape analysis approach. Atmospheric Environment. 171, 59-69.
2. Lin, L., G. Chen, J. Yan, R. Tang, X. Yuan, Z. Yin, and R. Zhang. 2018. A factor analysis of landscape metrics of particles deposited on leaf surface. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 25:28391-28402.
3. Lin, L., Yan, J., Chen, G., Tang, R., Bao, L., Ma, K., … Zhou, S. 2018. Does magnification of SEM image influence quantification of particulate matters deposited on vegetation foliage. Micron, 115, 7–16.
4. Yan, J., Lin, L, et al., 2016. A novel approach for quantifying particulate matter distribution on leaf surface by combining SEM and object-based image analysis. Remote Sensing of Environment. 173: 156-161.(First co-author)
5. Yan, J, Lin, L, Zhou, W, Han, L, Ma, K, 2016. Quantifying the characteristics of particulate matters captured by urban plants using an automatic approach. J Environ Sci-China. 39:259-267.
6. Lu Y, Fu B, Lin L, 2015. Land Degradation Research: The Need for a Broader Focus. Environmental Science & Technology, 49: 689-690.