Model Development


Earth system model development is one major goal for the Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University. Apart from the conventional climate model components such as atmosphere, land, ocean and sea ice models, we are also planning to develop our own biogeochemical models, disease transmission models, socio-economic models and couple them to the current ESM. ESM is a fundamental tool for the understanding and prediction of the climate system and a powerful tool for planning adaptation strategies and appropriate decision making. In Nov. 2016, the work based on Sunway TaihuLight (10M-core scalable fully-implicit solver for nonhydrostatic atmospheric dynamics) won the 2016 ACM Gordon Bell Prize. It was the first time over 30 years that the most significant honor in HPC application went to a Chinese research team. Based on Sunway TaihuLight, the world's fastest supercomputer, the department has developed an Earth System Model (ESM) supporting platform to facilitate efficient model development, evaluation, optimization, and integration.