Graduate Student Union

Department of Earth System Science and Department of Civil Engineering held a spring tour activities


Early spring in March, grass long warbler fly. Department of Earth Sciences graduate students and Department of Civil Engineering graduate students held Yuyuantan Park outing activities. There were many visitors in Yutuantan Park.

When came to Yuyuantan Park, we divided into three groups to conduct games. There are choirs singing, there are morning exercises in the park. Move forward, through the windmill bridge, the left is a large turf. We played cards or chatted or playing with a digital camera alone in the shade.

Some of Beijing's large parks have their own brand characteristics. Yuyuantan Park is famous for cherry blossoms. After playing, Chu Hongshuai in Department of Earth Sciences said that this event let everyone relax after the tension of scientific research and enhance everyone's collective cohesion. He hoped that there are often such activities later. Liu Zhiyong in Department of Civil Engineering said that this activity increased relationship between two departments. He made more friends and was very happy.